Hello and Welcome!

This is LaanMao (a.k.a. Lazy Cat)

I make paintings, art prints, stickers, buttons and various other crafts based on the environment that surrounds me or inspiration from anime!

Thank you for stopping by my small store and hope you enjoy my little crafts I make!


How long is shipping?

Due to shipping restrictions from my postal office, international shipping may take longer than usual but other than that, shipping to U.S. based locations is a maximum 1-2 weeks! 

The process of preparing your packages is 5-7 days (it may be longer depending on how many orders I get at once!)

Return/Refund policy:

If any problem arises with the order being lost or damaged, please take a photo of the damaged print and e-mail me a short description of what happened at and I'll be happy to send a replacement print! ^ ^

Conditions of Return:

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. Sale items or personalized orders can't be returned or exchanged.