Image of Genshin Standee (Chongyun+Xingqiu / Ganyu+Keqing)

Genshin Standee (Chongyun+Xingqiu / Ganyu+Keqing)


Inspired by characters from the game Genshin Impact.


1. Underneath the Lanterns Standee
Chongyun + Xingqiu

- size 4.5'' x 3.5''
- base size is 3.5'' x 3.5''
- drawn digitally through procreate


2. Hardworking Keqing Standee
Ganyu +Keqing

- size 4.5'' x 3.5''
- base size is 3'' x 3''
- drawn digitally through procreate

*Please note, each standee comes with a plastic film that protects the standee and base from scratches. Once it arrives, you can remove it ^ ^*


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*Feel free to contact me with any questions*

Thank you!

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