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Chinatown Pastries Sticker Sheet


Growing up, I ate a lot of bread during school lunch and I still do whenever I head off to work. These Chinatown Pastries are some of my absolute favorites and no matter time in the day it was, I can always count on them as the perfect snack.

Size 6'' x 8''

Each sticker sheet comes with a bread menu in English!

*Important Shipping Info - Please Read!*

Shipping will start on the first week of June right after Fanime.
I will have most of my stock at Fanime but I will have a limited stock set aside for my online orders.

Some items may not be available for my online store but I will sell them at Fanime (such as the Genshin Standee and a few snack stickers).
If I have leftovers after the con, I will re-add them to the shop or if they sell out, they will come back in the near future!

Thank you so much!


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Thank you!

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